Credit: Georgina Arrieta-Ruetenik

Although town departments are involved in the execution of Needham’s two-day Independence Day celebration, the events have been privately run and funded by the Needham Exchange Club since the late 1940s.

This year’s event will rely on a volunteer crew of about 75 people and require a budget north of $100,000.

How else does Needham’s celebration of America’s 248th birthday add up?

Crowd estimating can be tricky but reliable sources have pegged recent attendance in the range of 15,000 for the July 3 fireworks at Memorial Field. If the weather cooperates, the July 4 parade draws another 7,500.

Four major cookout food groups will be featured:

2,500 burgers

2,500 hot dogs

2,000 ice creams

2,000 snow cones

Around 3,000 glow sticks and more than 600 beach balls — plus several hundred other LED patriotic items — will be purchased.

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