Alyssa Pannozzi/ Credit: Courtney Jago

When the new TV program “Meet Boston with Billy and Jenny” debuts Saturday morning on NESN, Needham resident Alyssa Pannozzi will be making her television debut along with it.

A content creator on Instagram and TikTok, Pannozzi was selected to be one of 20 social media influencers —or ‘Hubsters’ — who will regularly contribute to the weekly lifestyle series. NESN says the 30-minute show is the first of its kind showcasing the flavors, culture and history of the city through the lens of talented content creators. Hosted by Billy Costa and Jenny Johnson, “Meet Boston” is a spinoff of their show “Dining Playbook,” intended to provide a fresh outlook on Boston for a new generation of viewers. It’s sponsored by Meet Boston, the official destination marketing and sales organization for the Greater Boston area.

Pannozzi is a talent director and trainer at Rev’d Indoor Cycling and has been creating content on social media for five years. She said she uses the platform to inspire people around fitness. “I wanted to magnify the impact you’re able to have in the individual spin room and amplify that message for a broader reach online.” She has become an influencer with 27,000 followers on Instagram and 224,000 followers on TikTok.  

Her first “Meet Boston” segment for the Jan. 6 premiere ties in with positive health habits for the new year and highlights three places in Boston — Dartmouth Street, the Sky Candle Co. in the South End, and the Rev’d studio in the Copley Place mall. “What was special is that we have a peek into the video wall that plays graphics in sync with the music and lighting in the studio. It’s a unique experience that takes a traditional spin class to the next level,” she said.

All of the Hubsters create their segments on iPhones, with support from NESN so the new media translates to the TV screen. “I think their purpose with the show was to find a way to mesh the two together,” said Pannozzi, who has something of an advantage in that regard, growing up in a TV family in Needham. Her father is Jim Boyd, former longtime news reporter and anchor on WCVB, and her mother, Linda Polach, had a 40-year career as a television producer (and now contributes to the Observer). “I always feel like I learned a lot about being in the spotlight from my dad. And learned a lot about how to produce the spotlight from my mom,” she said. “I definitely had a huge advantage having my family, all of them really besides me have worked in TV and production, including my sister, Olivia, so it helped tremendously.”

Pannozzi has three more assignments coming up for “Meet Boston.” She said the project has been like her past meeting her present. “I think it’s cool to watch old media and new media come together.”

“Meet Boston with Billy and Jenny” premieres Jan. 6 at 9:30 a.m. and airs every Saturday on NESN and streams on the NESN 360 app.

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