Six months after closing for renovation in February, Roche Bros. supermarket at 377 Chestnut St. will reopen to the public mid- to late August.

Built in 1959, the store was last updated almost 20 years ago. This project is part of a larger plan to elevate the shopping experience across Roche Bros. stores in Massachusetts.  

“We’ve been working on a rebrand of Roche Bros., modernizing the brand,” said Tristen Kendall-Barros, vice president of marketing for the supermarket chain. “We want to acquire a new set of customers, but maintain that nostalgia for the customers we have.”

Credit: Roche Bros. Supermarkets

When complete, the Chestnut Street store will have a different layout and will offer expanded bakery and cheese departments, a sushi bar, an expanded kitchen for prepared foods and a greater variety of grab-and-go options. Customers will also be able to use self-checkout. 

Aesthetically, the store will have a whole new look and feel, said Kendall-Barros, such as bright colors, new fixtures and end caps, enhanced service areas, and a personal touch of Needham street names within the decor to symbolize the “continued commitment and connection to the community.”  

When the store reopens, a directory will be available to help customers find what they need. The repaved parking lot will have the same number of spots but will have a separate, dedicated entrance and exit. 

The first Roche Bros. store to offer this “elevated” experience, said Kendall-Barros, was the new Watertown location. Needham is the fourth in line to get a refresh. Needham is the only town with two Roche Bros.-owned stores, and when the Chestnut Street grocery closed, Kendall-Barros said, most of their customers went down the street to the Sudbury Farms Highland Avenue location. 

Credit: Roche Bros. Supermarkets

“There is acute loyalty to the Roche Bros. brand,” she said. “It’s really a community store, and we’re looking forward to bringing that back to the community when we reopen that store with the new look and feel.” She added that they are also looking forward to bringing back former employees who are key to the connections Roche Bros. makes with its customers.

“We are committed to providing a premier grocery shopping experience to the Needham community,” said CEO Kevin Barner. “We look forward to welcoming everyone back to experience the enhanced environment and offering that the store will provide.”

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