Norfolk Superior Courthouse/ Credit: Needham Observer

An agreement was reached to settle the fraud allegation complaint brought against Rhiannon Heckman, former president and cheer coordinator of the Needham Junior Football and Cheer organization and her husband, Caley Heckman, a former board member.

The Heckmans were alleged to have engaged in a scheme to defraud NJFC by taking $61,540.54 of its funds beginning in 2022 and continuing through January 2024. 

“The dispute has been resolved to NJFC’s satisfaction and its monetary claims for damages has been fully satisfied,” NJFC board president Paul Corwin said in a statement to the Observer.

The attorney for the Heckmans, Brad Pinta, said, “The dispute has been resolved to everyone’s mutual satisfaction.”

A civil complaint was filed in May in Norfolk Superior Court by the NJFC, claiming the Heckmans “breached their fiduciary duties to NJFC when Rhiannon retained and took NJFC monies, lied about taking and/or retaining those moneys to various board members, and when the Heckmans kept the converted funds for their personal benefit,” according to the civil complaint.

Following an investigation, the Needham Police Department filed a criminal embezzlement complaint against Rhiannon Heckman in June in Dedham District Court. Heckman appeared in District Court on June 27, where she was scheduled to be arraigned on the felony embezzlement charges. The case was withdrawn, and she was not charged. 

Heckman’s attorney in the criminal complaint, Philip Arnel, declined to comment. Heckman could not be reached for comment. 

Needham Junior Football and Cheer is a volunteer-run recreational tackle football and cheer program for elementary school students from Needham and Westwood. 

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