For those of you who’ve been checking your mailbox for months, watching out for that town water and sewer bill with your name on it, your days of waiting are nearing an end.

The town has finally remedied a perfect storm of software and technology mishaps that prevented it from sending out water and sewer bills since last October. A first batch will be mailed in the coming days. The delay won’t lead to a bigger bill, just the amounts that would have been owed had the bills gone out on time.

At the Feb. 13 Select Board meeting, Deputy Town Manager and Director of Finance Dave Davison described a series of problems that began in the fall when the town was converting from its legacy billing system to a new system. “The movement of all the information that needed to move from the old system to the new system was not completed.”

He said some 22 days worth of data files had to be rebuilt, a mishap that was soon followed by compatibility problems and challenges related to software upgrades.

“So there were multiple considerations that added to the complexity of this implementation,” Davison said. “As a result, since October, we have not issued a bill.”

When all is working properly, residents receive water and sewer bills on a quarterly basis. Residents are on one of three billing schedules: January/April/July/October; February/May/August/November; or March/June/September/December.

Over the next few days, residents will begin receiving the bills that should have been received from October to December 2023. “Folks will see that each of those bills reflects the period of time that those bills would have normally covered,” said Davison.

He said residents will be given 60 days — twice the usual 30 days — to pay their bills without incurring late fees.

In approximately six weeks —or late March — the town will issue the bills that otherwise would have been sent from January to March of this year. Once again, they will reflect the expected amount due for three months of service, and residents will have a 60-day grace period,

Davison says the last batch of fiscal year 2024 bills is expected to be sent out in early May, and individuals will be given 45 days to pay.

“By July 1, everyone will be back on their normal schedules, receiving their bills once a quarter,” he said.

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