Art in Bloom/ Credit: Luke Sokolosky

This past weekend, members of the Beth Shalom, the Kalmia and The Needham Garden clubs presented their floral arrangements for this year’s Art In Bloom event at the Needham Public Library. Now in its 16th year, Art in Bloom celebrates the artistic talents of both Needham High School students and members of the three garden clubs in town. Participating members are given a student’s piece of artwork, around which to design a floral arrangement. The arrangement is displayed alongside the artwork at the library.

Credit: Luke Sokolosky

This year, 50 original works from students from all grades were selected. Arrangements varied from using colors found in the students’ artwork to more abstract representations of the themes and ideas present in the pieces. 

Linda Weisberg, CEO of the Beth Shalom Garden Club, headed Art in Bloom this year.  “One of the big things about an event like this is having a good team,” she said. “You can’t do any of this without a good team.”

Once the arrangers receive the art, they get to work.  “Once you get a work of art, you have to think about what kind of flowers you want to use or what kind of container,” said Weisberg. “Mostly, it starts with the container”. 

Credit: Luke Sokolosky

Visitors had the option of bidding on the floral arrangements.  “We have a silent auction from the designers who don’t mind donating their art. The proceeds then go to funding Art in Bloom,” said Weisberg. . 

Art in Bloom received sponsorship from various companies and organizations such as Roche Bros., The Goldin Foundation, and the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts that helped with funding, organizing and providing flowers for the arrangements.

Luke Sokolosky is a junior at Needham High School

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