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This week we feature the last of our conversations with the Select Board candidates as we head into town election day on Tuesday, April 9. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to vote.

Also this week we have our first video story, reported and filmed by Boston University students who are contributing to the Observer this spring, along with ongoing housing topics and some tips for the upcoming eclipse.

Thank you for reading and supporting the Observer.

Peter, Fred, Jeanne and team 

Select Board candidates signal their priorities

By Seth Bauer and Jeanne Hopkins

With days to go before the town election on Tuesday, April 9, the three candidates for the two open seats on the Needham Select Board shared the issues that motivate […]

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Anti-teardown petition gets a hearing

By Peter O'Neil

The proposal to amend a 2017 zoning bylaw that regulates the size of homes in the town’s Single Residence B (SRB) zoning district met with some disagreement at Tuesday’s Planning […]

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Business leaders, residents have their say at final HONE community meeting

By Peter O'Neil

The Housing Needham Working Group (HONE) heard from more than 40 residents during the nearly two-hour public comment period of its third and final community meeting on March 28.  The […]

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Olin College students measure solar eclipse with high-altitude balloons

By Magdalena Bolinaga

On April 8, as North America witnesses its second total solar eclipse in seven years, a group of students from Olin College will examine it from 90,000 feet using high-altitude […]

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Dancing in the street

By Tyler Johnson, Andrew Salkin, and Rachel Zhong

Needham crossing guard David Pinkham shares the story behind his moves in this video by Boston University journalism students.

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Town to vote on taking NFD out of civil service system

By Peter O'Neil

In this year’s town election voters are being asked to decide whether the Fire Department should follow the lead of the Police Department and depart from the state’s civil service […]

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High Rock aligns plan with district priorities

By Christian Maitre

Continuing the stream of school improvement plan presentations, High Rock School principal Jessica Downey came before the School Committee on April 2 to discuss the school’s priority issues: developing student […]

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