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Storm blocks streets, cuts power, extends school day

By Frederica Saylor Lalonde

Just months after the damaging Aug. 8 flood, Monday’s unseasonable storm once again wreaked havoc on Needham. As these powerful weather events become more frequent, the town continues to triage […]

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Plastic bag ban goes into effect Jan. 1

By Bob Baker

On Jan. 1, Needham joins approximately 160 other towns and cities across the state that have banned the use of plastic bags. On New Year’s Day, the ban applies only […]

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Town seeks public comment on energy aggregation

By Peter O’Neil

When it comes to purchasing electricity, Massachusetts residents have not done much shopping around, even though that option has been available for about 25 years. That may change in Needham, […]

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Construction goes on while Central Avenue daycare appeal falters

By Peter O’Neil

The Zoning Board of Appeals did not take a formal vote, but it sent a clear signal last week that it has found no justification to revoke the building permit […]

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Hot reads for cold days

By Ginger Newcombe

With the chilly winter months upon us — at least in theory — Needham Library staff have selected some of their favorite books for readers to cozy up with as […]

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Strong starts for winter sports teams

By Bob Clark

After an exciting fall, the winter sports season is underway with several Needham High teams off to fast starts. The Observer asked the coaches to share their thoughts about what […]

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