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This week we are pleased to offer two new features: a community calendar and an easy way to print our stories.

Many of you have asked about submitting your events, and now you can do so by clicking the Calendar link at the top of our website home page. This will allow you to see what is on the calendar and send in your items. 

Because we understand that not everyone can or wants to read news online, we have added a printable link for our stories. Look for the Save as PDF icon at the end of each story, or print the most recent articles all together under the Newsletter link.

We hope these features add to your interest in the Observer.

The Observer Team

Making the grade

By Frederica Saylor Lalonde

New York does it, Boston does it, now Needham is following suit to promote top quality health standards in dining establishments. From school lunches to dinner service at popular town […]

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Needham Bank depositors taking stock of investment offer

By Peter O’Neil

Needham’s mail carriers worked a bit harder this week delivering hundreds — if not thousands — of copies of the 235-page prospectus detailing Needham Bank’s initial public offering (IPO) as […]

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Getting Crafty

By Jeanne Hopkins

Fall craft fairs signal the start of gift-giving season and the chance to find one-of-a-kind items from local artists and craft makers. In Needham the tradition began 40 years ago […]

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Silent Witness

By Linda Polach

There’s a myth that it’s easy to spot a domestic abuser in a crowd. The truth is that an abuser is often charming, outgoing, successful and not easily identifiable. Another […]

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Do you belong at the Needham Diversity Summit?

By Seth Bauer

When people feel respected, appreciated and included, they are happier, healthier and better contributors to communities of every type, according to Needham’s Nichole Argo, developer of a social survey called […]

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Three Crown Jewelry ends its time in Needham

By Bob Clark

Needham Center is losing another landmark with the recent death of Bertil “Bert” Wikstrom, owner of Three Crown Jewelry on Great Plain Avenue. Wikstrom, who died Oct. 5, was 84. […]

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***Special Edition***

The Observer is preparing a Special Town Meeting edition that we will send your way on Monday. It will preview some of the 16 pieces of town business to be discussed, including pivotal decisions on what’s next for the Foster property and the merits of a possible greening of the town’s building code. 

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