Repaired water line under William St. Credit: Needham DPW

A water main break along William Street caused temporary flooding late Sunday night and a loss of water service for approximately five hours before DPW crews were able to repair the pipe and restore service early Monday.

Carys Lustig, director of the Department of Public Works (DPW), said an emergency call was received around 9 p.m. regarding water coming up into the street along a stretch adjacent to Cricket Field, from Sunnyside Road to approximately 47 William St.

Lustig said once DPW staff arrived on scene, they were able to shut off a gate to isolate the leak. This allowed safe access for staff to then reach and repair the damaged segment. She said she is not aware of any homes being flooded.

By 2:12 a.m. Monday, the water main had been repaired and water service was restored.

“At no time was the town’s water supply impacted in any way for any of the neighbors in terms of safety and potability,” said Lustig.

William Street was closed to traffic due to the degradation of the pavement but was mostly reopened by Monday afternoon, other than the segment nearest the break. 

“In that particular area, we wanted to be extra cautious,” said Lustig. “All the utilities around that neighborhood are underground — electric and gas. We did want to make sure we had Eversource out there marking out their lines before we excavated in the dark.”

Lustig said William Street is on the DPW’s list to be paved in 2024 when a more permanent repair will be made. “It probably hasn’t had a pavement treatment in about 20 years.”

She described the event as a fairly routine water main break that required only a small section of pipe to repair. “We have pipes that are brand new and we have pipes that are over 100 years old,” she said. “In the ‘60s and ‘70s, they were experimenting with new materials. That’s where we tend to find most of our breaks.”

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