Weather has become so weird in recent years that experts in the field have had to add to their list of available terms to describe these “weather events.”

We are told of bomb cyclones, cold dunkelflautes, flash droughts, firenados and other things that suggest horror films or pastries.

Last week’s storm was described as a microburst. Speaking in more traditional weather terminology, DPW director Carys Lustig described it before the Select Board as a localized storm.

When you have localized storms, different parts of town can receive varying amounts of rain. Lustig said DPW monitoring found total rain in the area along and northwest of Great Plain Ave. was between 2.75 and 4 inches.

However, total rain in the parallel area along and southwest of Great Plain Ave. was between 5.25 and 6.5 inches.

“For context, the higher intensity area is a 1,000-year storm, which means there’s a .1% chance of that occurring,” said Lustig. “The rest of the town was in the 100-year storm range, which is a 1% chance of that occurring.”

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