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DPW hits the streets . . . and sidewalks, too

By Peter O’Neil

“We have two seasons: winter and construction.” The saying is not unique to Needham, but it certainly applies here. This year’s town construction season started earlier than usual, the byproduct […]

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Competing court games put town in a pickle

By Daniel Barbarisi

Last Saturday morning, on three of the courts at Mills Field, the distinctive din of plastic balls cracking off paddles, surfaces and nets mixed with the excited shouts of close […]

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Roche Bros. slated to reopen in August 

By Frederica Saylor Lalonde

Six months after closing for renovation in February, Roche Bros. supermarket at 377 Chestnut St. will reopen to the public mid- to late August. Built in 1959, the store was […]

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Mailbox fishing on the rise

By Daniel Barbarisi

As mailbox fishing incidents continue to plague the town, Needham police are warning residents not to use the town’s postal mailboxes.  “We are asking ALL RESIDENTS to not use the […]

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Swimming with the Sharks

By Jeanne Hopkins

The summer reports we’re accustomed to hearing don’t use the words “sharks” and “fun” in the same sentence. Except in Needham, where the Sharks are 5-to-18-year-old swimmers participating in the […]

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